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Our Metabolic Restoration Process Methods

The Metabolic Restoration Process

At The Macro Clinic, we start with an individualized ‘Metabolic Restoration Process’ to repair our clients’  metabolisms  and their Resting Metabolic Rate. Why is this metabolic health restoration important? Because the resting metabolic rate is generally responsible for 65%-75% of the energy burned. Through  years of fad dieting, with carb restrictive diets such as keto, whole30, paleo, and a busy lifestyle,  many of our clients’  metabolisms have slowed through a process called metabolic adaptation. For our clients to sustainably  transform, we must reset their resting metabolic rate. With this method of metabolic health restoration, we’re able to get the body back to running  how it was designed.

How Do We Repair Our Clients’ Metabolisms?

Reversing metabolic damage isn’t easy. That’s why we repair our clients’  metabolisms and balance their hormones through applying The Macros Clinic’s Metabolic Restoration Process. Our Metabolic Restoration Process combines individualized and customized reverse dieting techniques, concepts, and solutions. With all of these processes working together, we help your body understand how to fix your metabolism and reset it to optimum working order.


Reverse Dieting to Fix Your Metabolism

It’s less about learning how to fix a slow metabolism, and more about putting your body back to its natural working order. Reverse Dieting is a method of gradually increasing calories through proteins, fats and carbohydrates to retrain your metabolism, and balance your hormones. We monitor and progressively increase our client’s macros (carb, protein, and fat) and calories intake. During the reverse, we want our client’s weight to remain the same, or decrease slowly, as we add calories and adjust their macronutrient ratios to fit their bodily needs. Over time, we get our client’s calorie intake up to impressive levels, without seeing any spikes in weight. 


Our client’s Resting Metabolic Rate and TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) go up due to the reverse component of our Metabolic Restoration Process. During the process of reversing metabolic damage, our clients’ metabolisms are repaired/reset and their hormones are balanced.  The reverse component of the Metabolic Restoration Process allows our clients to re-establish a healthier relationship with their macronutrient requirements, without losing all control around food. Each Metabolic Restoration Process is 100% based on the individual.

The Cut

Once we get our clients’ metabolisms repaired and their hormones balanced, we can begin the cut process. This is where we adjust our clients’ calories and macronutrients to achieve a calorie deficit that enables them to burn fat and lose weight sustainably. For those who want to lose weight, we begin to see the change in their bodies – and The Macros Clinic Cut Process is quick. It usually lasts roughly three to five weeks, and then we begin to reverse them out of the cut slowly. Our Metabolic Restoration Process, followed by a reverse, enables our clients to shed body fat in a sustainable way, while keeping their metabolism firing. We can repeat the cut and reverse process until our clients achieve their goals (or just look good naked!).

The Build

The build is where we help our clients design the optimal macronutrient protocol that allows them to add on muscle with the least amount of fat. The only way to build muscle is with calories and being in a calorie surplus for a sustained period of time. During the build phase, we adjust our clients’ macronutrient ratios and calories into a calorie surplus that gives them just enough energy to add muscle onto their frames – without adding unnecessary fat. We also work with our clients to optimize food timing and macronutrient ratios to achieve their muscle-building goals.

The Maintain

Here’s where we begin to work with our clients to part ways with the ‘Maintain phase’. We help our clients sustainably know what to eat, stop tracking food, look at a plate of food, and know the macronutrient components. We help them live their life and not diet, but fuel their bodies properly. The Maintain phase is where our clients can intuitively understand their body's macronutrients needs. They can sustainably deploy these strategies for the rest of their lives, and maintain their results by working with The Macros Clinic coaches. 

During the end of this phase, we celebrate our clients success and send them on their way out into the world, so they can live their best life with the repaired metabolism – feeling healthy and free.

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